Invest in Your Future by Becoming a Homeowner

One of the best investments you can make involves becoming a homeowner. It’s a wonderful accomplishment for a first-time buyer and only gets better if you decide to invest in additional properties.

While you may not be for the latter objective, even an initial purchase comes with several long-term advantages. In this post, we’ll discuss some reasons buying a home offers such a lucrative ROI.

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Huge Wealth Disparity Between Renters & Owners

Many Americans realize to some extent the wealth gap between renters and owners, which is attributable to home equity much of the time. What they may not realize is just how pronounced that disparity has become.

You can get a really clear reading on this when you examine senior citizens, the ones who rent versus those who own their homes.

  • Lowest Income Quartile:
    • Renters Net Wealth – $1,100
    • Owners Net Wealth – $104,700
  • Lower-Middle Income Quartile:
    • Renters Net Wealth – $14,900
    • Owners Net Wealth – $213,000
  • Upper-Middle Income Quartile:
    • Renters Net Wealth – $69,000
    • Owners Net Wealth – $374,300
  • Highest Income Quartile:
    • Renters Net Wealth – $334,100
    • Owners Net Wealth – $1,300,000

So, you can see how massive the gap has gotten. There are several reasons for this, all of which point to how owning real estate, even just one home, can help you save and generate wealth in various ways. With this in mind, let’s check out a few reasons to consider the Florida panhandle for a home-buying investment.

Reasons to Own a Home in Florida

  1. You’re in charge of how fast you pay your monthly mortgage payments.
  2. Florida is a booming economy, and the cost-of-living beats many other parts of the country, including most metropolitan communities.
  3. Each monthly payment grants you more and more home equity (which is what really boosts one’s home value over time).
  4. Home values increase in the long run, despite temporary fluctuations.
  5. Need some cash to cover an emergency or major project? You can use the value of your home to finance things through home equity loans and cash-out refinancing.
  6. Although Florida has no state income tax, you’re still on the hook for federal taxes. You can, however, mitigate that burden by claiming the interest you pay on your mortgage.
  7. Timely mortgage payments allow you to build a solid credit score.
  8. Homeowners can renovate and customize their homes, whereas you have fewer options as a renter.

Those are what we consider the primary reasons to become a homeowner and maximize ROI in so many ways. You can learn more about residential listings around places like Panama City Beach when you work with a trusted realtor like The Fadden-McKelvie Group. Our three-person team of licensed agents, affiliated with Coldwell Banker, can help you achieve your home-owning dreams soon.
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